5 ways to earn rewards

5 Ways To Earn Rewards For Busy People


Sometimes life gets so busy, that we lose track of what is important. We fall into the trap of becoming so involved with this world, that we forget that our final destination needs to be earned by striving to earn rewards every day!

It is not always easy to get out of our jobs and chores. For some people there is no choice but to continue with their routines as they are. But one must take heart, because there are many small ways to earn good deeds to make our scales heavier and to make our way slowly yet steadily towards Paradise.

Here are 5 ways to earn rewards for busy people:

1) Learn one new thing from the Quran everyday to earn rewards

As soon as you wake up in the morning, open your Quran. It may be a random page or in chronological order. Recite one ayah. read its translation and as you head for work or chores, contemplate on what that means to you in your life. If possible, run a explanation (Tafseer) of the Quran on the player in your car, or as you work in the kitchen and take one good lesson from what you are hearing every day.

2) Do an extra act of small worship after every Salah (prayer)

It may be reciting Allahu Akbar three times, or reciting Ayahtul Kursi, or sending durood (blessings) on the Prophet Muhammad.  Add one tiny act of worship as you are rising up from your mat before you get back into the worldly chores

3) Give charity and earn rewards

Intend to give charity everyday! Even if it is just Rs.1 (or 1 cent), make sure you are consistent in giving it. You may collect it in a bowl and give out a bigger amount at the end of the month, or you may give it out daily. But make sure that you give something every day and are written amongst the charitable on the day of judgment.

4) Serve humanity, one small deed at a time

Find one thing to do to serve the people around you. It may be as simple as removing litter as you walk, or saying Assalamu Alaikum, or smiling at someone. One small deed can add a huge weight in your scale of good deeds.

5) Do Wudhu whenever you go the bathroom

Whenever you go the bathroom, make wudhu before coming out. This will ensure you stay in a state of wudhu for a large part of the day, and get blessings from being in state of purity.

Ruhaifa Adil is a mother of four, a practising Muslimah, an avid reader, and a passionate writer. She works primarily as a trainer for mothers and teachers, advocating a multi sensorial, learner-centred approach, which she has learnt through her work as a remedial specialist for children with dyslexia. She is also an author of English textbooks, based on the teachings of the Quran (currently under editing), and creative director of a Tafseer app for kids.

4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Earn Rewards For Busy People

  1. Amazing 😊
    But I just wanted to add that if our jobs themselves were rewarding ones. We won’t have to leave them to search for other sources of reward.
    Although learning Quran, increasing our acts of worship and giving charity must always be parts of our days.
    And I really loved those ideas ❤

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