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Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I am Yakub Bunyamin from Nigeria. I completed Quranic Tilawa/ recitation with Tajweed and memorization at early days of my Learning in Al Manar Academy, an institution established by Saudi Government in Nigeria in learning Quran. In General, Nigeria Quranic institutions are high standard and well recognized all over the world with high numbers of Hufaaz. EXPERIENCE After attaining Ijazah from Al Manar, I offered 1 year mandatory service teaching Quran. I have taught Quran in many schools with 10 years experience in a physical setting. During my university education, I was teaching Quran on per hour basis. I also teach Quran daily in the mosque after Ishaa prayer to my younger ones in my community. I also have 2 years experience on teaching Quran virtually. I have also attended many Quranic competitions in Nigeria. I can teach Tajweed, hifz, recitation and basic Arabic. Taking point: If you have no prior knowledge on Quran don’t hesitate to send me an invite, InshaAllah in few month you will read proficiently. I teach Adults and kids Jazakumullahu khairan

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Gender: Male
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Arabic English
Fiqh: Malki
Sect: Sunni
مدرسة البشرى لتحفيظ القران
May 2020 - Sep 2021
Abubakar Siddiq Islamic and Quranic institution
Jun 2020 - Nov 2021
مدرسة مناهل الفرقان الدولية لتحفيظ القران والدراسات الإسلامية
Jan 2021 - Present
أكاديمية المنار
Jul 2006 - Jul 2014
مدرسة دار الأرقام العالية
Jul 2014 - Sep 2018
Ijazah on Hifz
Jun 2006
Ijazah on Recitation and Tajweed
Jun 2007
Thanawiyya Arabic certificate
Jul 2014
Islamic vocational course certificate
May 2013
Veterinary degree certificate
Apr 2023

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