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Discover Quranic Arabic Online with Qutor

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Discover Quran Digitally with Qutor App

With the increasing availability of digital platforms, learning Quran online has become more convenient and accessible. Qutor is the best Quran learning app that brings Quran courses and lessons right to your fingertips. Qutor offers a comprehensive learning experience through its user-friendly mobile that allows you to create a personalized profile to track your homework and manage your lessons. You can also invite Quran tutors for trial lessons from within the app and get real time notifications and reminder for your booked classes.

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Competitive and Affordable Quranic Learning

Qutor mobile app offers competitive and affordable Quran learning fees including 30 minutes free trial that allows students to Invite tutors for trial lessons. Whether you're looking to improve your tajweed, learn arabic, master noorani qaida, or memorize the Quran, the Qutor app provides a platform for comprehensive Quranic education. Our courses are carefully crafted and delivered by experienced tutors in a fully synchronized classroom that gives you experience as your tutor is sitting next to you. Our app also allows you to highlight verses and words, whiteboard, syncronized noorani qaida and file uploads section.

Competitive and Affordable Quranic Learning
Discover Quranic Arabic Online with Qutor

Quran Education for Everyone!

Quran Learning for Everyone with Qutor App

Qutor is the best Quran learning app for beginners, kids and adults which ensures that each learner receives appropriate guidance and support. Kids can start their learning journey through interactive lessons and engaging activities that foster a love for the Quran from a young age. Beginners can start their Quranic education with structured courses that provide a solid foundation whereas adults can opt for advanced courses to understand Quran at deeper level. Sisters can also learn Quran from comfort of their home with our Female Quran teachers.

No Limitations on Learning!

Time & Location Independent Learning

With the Qutor mobile app, learning Quran is no longer bound by time or location. Our mobile app allows you to access your courses and learning materials at your convenience. The Qutor app offers a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, interactive features and powerful search functionality that enables you to quickly filter and find the perfect Quran Tutor for you. Download the best Quran learning app for Android and IOS today and get access to Quran courses now at your fingertips.

Time & Location Independent Learning

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Ready to embark on a profound journey of Quranic discovery? Don't wait - download the Qutor app now and start your transformative Quranic learning experience today. Let's explore the Quran's wisdom together and deepen our connection with Allah's divine guidance.

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