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Quran learning made easier:

  • - Convenience: No travel time required
  • - Choice: Hundreds of highly qualified Quran tutors
  • - Cost-effective: Tutor rates to suit all budgets
  • - Technology: Built-in tools to help you learn Quran

Why should I purchase a Qutor classroom plan?

High Quality Video streaming
High Quality Audio streaming
Real-time Text chat
Save money: Qutor logs the classroom time you actually use with your tutor, so you only pay as you learn
Mobile app with complete Quran Classroom experience
Safety: Parental watch to keep an eye on your child’s classes even if you are not sitting with them
Built-in Quran, Qaida, Homework assignments, Whiteboard, File upload, Chat History, all in one place
Archiving facility, so you can record and play back important parts of your lessons
Lesson Scheduling with reminders and countdown to lesson time

Can I use Zoom or another free software with Qutor tutors?

Tutors you find through Qutor can only teach you through our platform. They cannot use other softwares to teach you and must use Qutor's classroom only.

Why do I have to pay to use Qutor?

Qutor's only source of revenue is the small payment we ask from you to use our classroom (equivalent to about $1 per hour or less). This payment covers the video and audio streaming costs, server costs, development costs and other costs which allow us to connect you and the tutor in a purpose built classroom for Quran learning.

We do not charge the tutors any commission to motivate them to teach you to the best of their abilities. Other Quran teaching websites pay the tutors very small salaries or charge up to 33% commission from their earnings, which is highly demotivating for tutors.

How and when do I pay the tutor?

Whenever you use Qutor’s classroom, it logs the time (to the seconds) and calculates how much you owe the tutor(s). You can agree a payment schedule with your tutor (usually monthly)*. Please ask the tutor for their bank account, PayPal or Western Union details to which they would prefer to have the funds transferred. *Your Classroom plan does not include the tutor payment

Do I have to buy the Classroom plan every month?

The Classroom plan renews automatically for your convenience and bills your card every month. If you do not want the plan to renew automatically, simply “Unsubscribe” from the plan after you purchase it. After unsubscribing, your hours will remain active till the end of the month and you can use the Classroom till your plan expires.

What happens to unused hours?

The hours you do not utilise during the month roll over to the next month as long as you have an active plan. If you unsubscribe, the accumulated hours expire when your plan expires.

What happens if my hours run out before month end?

You can renew or upgrade your Classroom plan at any time, even before the month ends. If you run out of hours, simply purchase another Classroom plan at any time.

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Alhamdulillah, my one-on-one Arabic lessons are going great.
I'm very thankful that I found my tutor Fatima through Qutor!
I find it a great way to learn Arabic and everything
about Qutor is amazing.

Firdaouss Y, Netherlands