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Teaching Quran to Your Child Through Qutor: Benefits and Path to Learning

Every Muslim parent strives to educate their children with the knowledge of the Quran. For parents looking for online Quran classes, Qutor is the most trusted platform with thousands of Quran teachers and students learning every day in our custom Quran classroom. Our online Quran classes are designed to teach kids fundamental Quranic knowledge and help them develop a strong relationship with Allah (SWT). The most basic skill your child needs to master is Tajweed (proper pronunciation of the Quran). Qutor has hundreds of Quran tutors who are experienced with teaching Tajweed to kids. Qutor’s Online Quran classes offer a convenient and safe way for kids to learn Quran from home

Here are some reasons why online Quran classes for kids are better:

  • Flexibility: Online Quran classes are flexible, allowing your child to learn at their own pace and according to their own schedule. This is especially useful for parents who have busy work schedules or live in areas where access to Quranic education is limited;
  • Comfort: Learning Quran from home is more comfortable for kids. They can learn in a familiar environment where they feel relaxed; and
  • Personalized Learning: Online Quran classes can be tailored to your child's specific needs and learning style. This can lead to more effective learning and better retention of information.

What to consider when choosing an online Quran program for your child:

  • Trust: Look for platforms that have been endorsed by trusted Educators and Shuyookh;
  • Curriculum: Make sure the program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of Quranic teachings, including memorization, recitation, and proper Tajweed of the Quran;
  • Teacher Qualifications: Check the qualifications of the teachers. They should be knowledgeable, experienced, and have the necessary certifications to teach Quran online; and
  • Technology and Resources: The online Quran program should have the necessary technology and resources to deliver a seamless and effective learning experience, similar to the experience of a Quran Teacher sitting next to the student

Some of the benefits of teaching Quran to your child through Qutor are:

  • Gentle and compassionate Quran teachers who understand how to teach Quran to children;
  • An easy-to-use software that can be controlled by the Quran tutor so young children can learn Quran easily;
  • Safety - We have built-in tools to help Parents keep an eye on how their child is learning Quran. Through 30-second video snippets which only the parent can access, our advanced Quran classroom lets parents keep an eye on their child’s Quran lessons and progress;
  • Homework tools - After each Quran lesson, the Quran tutor can assign homework to which is emailed to you so you know what is expected in the following Quran lessons from your child.

Your child’s path to learning Quran on Qutor includes:

learn noorani qaida kids


The first step for any child wanting to learn Quran is to learn how to pronounce the words properly. This starts with the built-in digital Noorani Qaida, which the Quran teacher will use to teach your child the basic building blocks of Quranic words.


Once your child has mastered the building blocks by learning the Noorani Qaida, the Quran teacher will help your child recite words and verses with perfect pronunciation. The tongue and mouth have to be used in particular ways to make the sounds which make recitation beautiful. Qutor's video and audio streaming capabilities make it easy for the Quran tutor and your child to interact and understand. Learn Tajweed online with Qutor.


If you aspire to make your child a Hafiz, you can talk to your Quran teacher and determine whether your child can undertake this challenge of memorizing the whole Quran in Arabic. Indeed, the benefits of memorizing the Quran are great for your child and for you. Qutor has hundreds of highly experienced Quran teachers who have Ijaza and can help your child achieve this great goal of memorizing the Quran. Explore Online Hifz with Qutor.


It is important that you give your child the tools to understand the Quran. Allah (SWT) chose Arabic as the language of the Quran and your child should have the knowledge of Quranic Arabic so it becomes easy for your child to understand the meaning of what Allah (SWT) has sent down as a mercy to all of mankind. Qutor's highly experienced Arabic teachers will teach your child how to understand the meaning of the Quran and give them the tools to become lifelong learners of the Quran. Our Quran teachers are fluent in English and often many other languages. This makes it easy for kids to understand and learn with Qutor teachers. We use the latest teaching methods and technology to make our online Quran classes interactive and engaging, including allowing you to filter which language you would like your Qutor Teacher to teach Quran in.

Why Choose Qutor for Your Child's Quranic Education?

We understand that parents want to monitor their child's progress as they learn Quran online. We provide built-in tools to keep parents informed of their child's progress and areas that may require improvement. At Qutor, we strive to provide an exceptional online Quranic learning experience for kids. Our online Quran classes are flexible, affordable, and convenient, allowing kids to learn the Quran from the comfort of their home.

"And We have certainly made the Qur'an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?" - Quran 54:17

Help your child begin this glorious journey of learning Quran through the most reliable and trustworthy online Quranic learning platform. Our hand-picked, trained and trusted Quran teachers make online Quran classes fun and engaging and make us the best option for your child's Quranic education. Create an account today and find the best Quran tutors for your child through Qutor.