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ُُExpert friendly patient tutor Hello and Assalamou alaykom brothers and sisters I am Fatima Zohra a native Arabic speaker , an engineer and an Arabic online teacher . I was born and grew up in Arab country, I have an experience of teaching Arabic for non-native speakers and I have been teaching especially beginners and intermediate level from all over the world thus I am fascinated by learning languages and new culture , I love teaching and it is my passion also I could teach all ages kids,and females Do you like to learn Arabic ? Do you like to talk Arabic as a native speaker ? So I am here to help you and do my best for my students to make them talking Arabic as a native speaker and build my students’ self-confidence. Besides I work hard to improve my students speaking ability especially in conversation , reading , listening , and writing skills. I use different learning materials and methods to make my lessons interesting and enjoyable. My lessons are based on my students needs and goals , further I design videos to support my students learning as well as my lesson will include good books and professional softwares . Definitely my lessons are comfortable , enjoyable and useful at the same time . I can teach you Quran with Wersh Riwayah and you can listen to my recitation in the trial lesson insh Allah. I speak different dialects, and I understand most of the Arabic dialects, so I can help you with dialects.

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Age: 32 Years
Gender: Female
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Arabic English French Turkish
Fiqh: Malki
Sect: Sunni
Arabic language teacher for non-speakers
Jan 2017 - Present
A child teacher at a Koranic school
Oct 2016 - Feb 2020
Certification from Arab International Academy for Education and Training
Jan 2021
I joined the largest international forum to prepare Arabic teachers for non-Arabic Speakers
Dec 2020
hydraulic engineer since jun 2015
Sep 2010
Certificate of mastery of letter output from a Tunisian teacher
Aug 2018
I have been involved in Quranic contests from 2016 to now
Mar 2016
0 Students
0 Sessions
Alger, Algeria
Last Online:
22 days ago
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