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Azhary: Abdullah SHAYKH Abdullah Abdel Karim is Egyptian man, his age is 35 years old, He had born in October 1987, He has taught at Al Azhar Islamic University, Nowadays he works as an Imam in Masjed in ministry of endowment, It was that after graduated him from Al Azahar Fundamental of religion, at section of Hadith (Prophet Muhammed Sala Allah Alih Wa Sallam). Shaykh Abdullah holds a master's degree from Al Azahar, in Fundamentals of Religion, section of The Hadieth (Prophet Muhammed Sala Allah Alih Wa Sallam), his evaluation in Master's Excellent . Besides, He holds Certificates from Al-Azhar and two Ijazah in the narration of Hafs from Asim, from way of Shatebya, each if it qualify him to teach Tajweed and Hifz and Recitation Language of Arabic. Shaykh Abdullah was won in many number of contests, He got first place (three times) in some diferent parts places in Egypt, and the 6 place in Whole of Egypt. So Shaykh Abdullah Says, I can make any students within three months a very fast good learner . In addition to that , He works as ( PHD researcher) at .Al Azhar Islamic University. Shaykh Abdullah has got a big experience in teaching Quran whether Tajweed and Recitation and Hifz for foreign students, It takes from him 4 years more, and Arabian students, It was nearly 17 years more . Moreover, He had finished all of Quran, with many number of students, and given them Ijazah in Tajweed and Recitation etc. His ambitions: He is very excited to work in the field of teaching, foreign students, He wishes, To help them and to develop their skills in memorizing Quran reading Quran and Arabic, mastering the Book of God . by addition to develop, also He hopes their students to lead Ommah and people Muslims to right religion and Peace and Mercy of Islam. In his point of view, At Tajweed : It's named in its definition the improvement of recitation, thus prophet Muhammed used to apply Tajweed in his recitation and then his companions do so, and followed prophet Muhammed in this thing and prophet Muhammed learnt Tajweed and took from Gebriel and Gebriel did learn it from Allah, So Ommah Follow Prophet Muhammed . Finally, He wishes to trans this message to everyone Muslims, fears form Allah and Follow prophet Muhammed and Loves this religion . Jazakum Allah Khair , Wa Assalamu Akikum Wa Rahmatu Allah .

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Age: 35 Years
Gender: Male
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Arabic English
Fiqh: Sahfii
Sect: Sunni
Online Quran Institute
Oct 2010 - Oct 2020
Certificates from Al Azhar .
Mar 2016
Ijzah from Al Azhar (Mar 2009)

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Certificate from Al Azahar : Master's degree (Aug 2016)

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