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Assalamualaikum, My name is Qari Wasif. I am a tajweed Quraan teacher  with over 26 year's of teaching experience.  My qualification certificates  are from Tanzemulmadaris, Pakistan , in recitation of Quran with tajweed.  With Allah's help I am honoured to have the opportunity to do Quraan tilawat on TV channels numerous occasions.   I am also a qualified mufatish (a qualification  to  test/ examine for imamat & Quran teaching) of a  big religious organization. I can teach tajweed to both English & Urdu speakers.  My style of teaching improves, motivates and encourages the learners with their recitation to a high level of accuracy in a short length of time. Currently, I have a hundred plus students in my classes - online and offline. All of whom receive the best Quraan and tajweed training from myself. My aim  is to teach learners the love of Quraan and the spiritual  attachment, which is  promoted to become part of our Islamic lives.  Insha Allah. May Allah help you all to progress in reading and understanding his holy book. Ameen.

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Age: 39 Years
Gender: Male
I can teach:
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Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Madrissa Tul Madina Balghan
May 2000 - May 2021
Online Quran Teaching
Apr 2019 - Present
Part Time Quran Teaching
May 2018 - Present
Examiner (Test for Imamat & Quran Teachers)
Apr 2018 - Apr 2020
Tanzemulmadaris & Marissa Tul Madina
Mar 1996
Tanzemulmadaris (Apr 2018)
Hifz from madrissa tul madina Course of tajweed tanzemulmadaris
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