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About Me:

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته، By the grace of Allah I have 12 years of experience in hifz-ul-Quran Alhamdulillah. -I taught many boys & girls from Pakistan, Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Bangladesh as well Alhamdulillah . - I can teach hifz and recitation. - I'm graduated from jamia-tul-hasanain(جامعة الحسنين ) University of Molana Mariq Jameel . -I did specialization in fiqh hanafi a mufti course ( تخصص في الفقه الحنفي) from Jamia Islamia Imdadia (جامعة إسلامية امداديه). -I also did specialization in recitation Quran in different Qira'ats(تخصص في القراءات )from jamia tur rasheed (جامعة الرشيد). - And I have ijazah in different qira'ats: 1)Riwayah Hafs (رواية حفص رحمه الله ). 2)Riwaya Shobah(رواية شعبة رحمه الله ). 3)Riwayah Warsh(رواية ورش رحمه الله ). 4)Riwayah Qaloon(رواية قالون رحمه الله). 5)Riwayah Makki(رواية مكي رحمه الله). 6)Riwayah Abu jafar(رواية ابو جعفر رحمه الله). 7)Riwayah Bazzi(رواية بزي رحمه الله) 8)Riwayah Qumbul(رواية قنبل رحمه الله). -I can communicate with students in Arabic, English, Italian and Urdu.

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Age: 24 Years
Gender: Male
I can teach:
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Arabic English Hindi Urdu Italian
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni

Employment History:

Teaching Quran
Aug 2007 - Present
Aug 2007 - Present


Aug 2007
Aalim Certificate From Jamia Tul Hasanain.
May 2017
Mufti Certificate From Jamia Imdadia.
May 2018

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