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About Me:

"The best amongst you is the one who learns The Quran and teaches it" - (Bukhari) I have 10 years of experience (3 Years Online) in teaching the Holy Quran and its language. I am currently offering 2 programs as follows: 1. Quran For Kids and Adults: Starts from Nurani Qay'idah, Tajweed including the Makhaarij (proper articulation of letters) as well as all the Ahkaam (rulings) of the Quran, Nazera (In Qirat of Hafs Al-Asem), memorization of selected verses and Masnun Dua's using different techniques for kids and for those who are older ages. 2. Quranic Arabic: It usually requires 120-150 hours of lecture to master yourself in Quranic Arabic and start understanding the meaning of the verses recited by the Imam of your prayer. In Shaa-Allah After completing this program, you may start gathering Islamic wisdom from other Arabic sources. like Book of Tafsirs, Hadith, Islamic Fiqh, etc and we may continue our journey of mastering the standard Arabic Language (Fusha). The program includes the below materials: - Essential repeating Vocabulary (400 words of Quran which is 75%) of the Holy Quran and its transformation to other forms. - Arabic Basic grammar (Sarf and Nahwu). Learning the technique of making valid sentences. - Practice from Al Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk series. - Practically start translating the Holy Quran with the help of above 400 words and grammar Basics. We may learn the rest of the 4000 words of the Quran slowly during this time. About myself: I am Ahmad from Bangladesh. I am currently studying at Cairo University in Egypt. I have completed Fazilat (Bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies) from Baitus Salam Madrasah, Dhaka, Bangladesh. And I have done my Diploma in the Arabic Language from Markaz Ul Lugah (Language Center) of Al Azhar University, Egypt. I became Hafiz-Ul-Quran at the age of 10 and since then, I have been leading as an Imam in Taraweeh prayers and teaching Quran Recitation, Hifz, Tajweed, and Arabic language. Jazakallah Khair.

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Age: 23 Years
Gender: Male
I can teach:
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Arabic Bengali English
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Quran and Arabic Teacher in an OnlinePlatform
Jan 2020 - Present
Hifz - Wifaq Ul Madaris, Bangaldesh
Oct 2007
Diploma in Arabic Language - Markaz Ul Lugah (Language Center) of Al Azhar University, Egypt.
Oct 2021
Fazilat ( Jamat E Meshkat) - Baitus Salam Madrasah, Pallabi, Dhaka.
Jun 2016
Hifz - The Qirat of Hafs from Asem (Oct 2007)
The memorization of the complete Holy Quran. I have obtained an "Excellent" result from Wifaq Ul Madaris, Bangaldesh.
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19 Nov 2022

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