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Certified Tajweed, Quran , islamic studies with ijaza in Hafs an asim reading and over than 10 years experience, qaeda nourania teacher for non native Arabic speakers. Are you a non-Arabic speaker and want to start learning Quraan in a simplified and effective way with a certified teacher? Do you want amazing results from the first lesson? Are you a Muslim who is not a speaker in Arabic and you want to recite the Quran correctly and accurately without mistakes with a patient and well-trained teacher with long experience in this field? Do you want to learn the Tajweed rules from the beginning in theory and practice and apply them to your recitation with a teacher has ijaza in teaching al qaeda al nourania, noor al bayan, tohfat al atfal "the children bequest "? Do you want to start learning basic Islamic studies such as how to do ablution, prayer and fasting, and to know the outlines of unity and good faith? So you have the opportunity to start with me and try it yourself and notice the difference from the first class in shaa Allah : )

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Age: 31 Years
Gender: Female
I can teach:
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Arabic English
Fiqh: Hanbali
Sect: Sunni

Employment History:

Online institute
Mar 2018 - Present
Online institute
Mar 2017 - Present
Quran institute
Mar 2016 - Present


Diploma of Arabic teachers for non Arabic speakers
Mar 2018
ijaza in children bequest
Mar 2013
izaja in Qaeda nourania and noor al bayan
Mar 2013
Ijaza in Quraan rewaiat Hafs an Asem
May 2019

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Tajweed, Recitation

16 May 2019

In progress

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