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About Me:

I Started my journey with Quran since I was very young. After completing the memorization of Quran I learnt Arabic for four years as an academic language. So that I can understand the message from The Almighty and the interpretation of his words from authentic sources. Then I spent seven years with the knowledge of tafsir, Fikh and Hadis Now I am having my graduation on Fikh at Al Azhar university after having a diploma on Arabic here. My teaching career began four years ago. I taught Arabic as an elementary teacher in a Jamia until i came to Al Azhar. Now I want to practice my experience of teaching and learning Arabic. And I think in this platform of Qutor. I will find some of them who want to understand the message from Quran. Besides I will also feel privileged if someone needs my help to learn the recitation of Quran as well. So feel free to knock me if you think I can help you. May Allah grant us the reward for every effort that we make in the way of Quran.

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Gender: Male
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Arabic Bengali English Urdu
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni

Employment History:

Jamia Qurania Arabia
May 2015 - Mar 2018


Tahfizul Quran
Jun 2006
Takmil In Qawmi curriculum
Jun 2016
Darul Ifta
Jun 2017
Diploma in Arabic language from Al Azhar university
Nov 2018

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