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About Me:

Al Salam Alikum, Azhari educated instructor who speaks Arabic and English fluently. I became a hafiz by the age of 18. I'm an expert in teaching proper recitation to all ages using different techniques such as Al Tohfa Al Noraneyya for kids and others for those who are in older ages. I have an excellent grasp of the rules of Arabic such as Nahw and Sarf. I'm a Very enthusiastic and energetic teacher who can encourage and support students to get the best of their abilities to help them progress with the best and easiest ways and techniques to make the classes interesting and let them love what they're doing and grab their attention, especially for kids. I believe in what the prophet said, that the best of you who learns the knowledge and then spread it and teach it to others so with that said, I'm so interested and intrigued about teaching Quran and helping others to learn about their religion.

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Age: 26 Years
Gender: Female
I can teach:
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Arabic English
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni

Employment History:

Dar Al-Nouran
Jul 2008 - Sep 2010


Bachelor in computer engineering
Jun 2016
High school in Al Azhar Al sharif
May 2011

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