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Enthusiastic Quran teacher with fluent both English and French, having a strong Tajweed background. Easily cultivates trust and productive relationships with students, parents and teachers. I started learning Tajweed 10 years ago in Tunisia. Then I recieved one on one tutoring online by both Egyptian and Tunisian teachers who have Ijazahs with hight Sanad in ten Qiraat mashaÄLLAH, and then was enrolled into Online Quran Academy in Saudi Arabia for one year, having Ijazah on the reading Of Hafs An Asim, and on the reading of Qaloon An Nafii.

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Age: 32 Years
Gender: Female
My Quran courses:
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Arabic English French
Fiqh: Malki
Sect: Sunni
Online Quran Academy
Jan 2018 - Present
Arraja Tahfeez Quran Association
Apr 2016 - Dec 2017
Online Quran Academy
Apr 2018 - Present
Noorany Quaida
Feb 2012
Certificate on the reading of Hafs Aan Aasim
Aug 2015
Certifacate on the reading of Qualoon Aan Nafii
Feb 2018
0 Students
0 Sessions
Gafsa, Tunisia
Last Online:
almost 6 years ago
Member Since:
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