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Assalāmu Alaykum. I'm Yuusuf Tajuddeen Olajide. I'm a young tutor who is passionate about seeking and teaching the knowledge of the Deen. I've years of experience in teaching young students(adults and kids alike) Qirā'ah, Tajweed offline and online. I'm confident in my ability to teach you above subjects. You can send me a message to start an interesting and reward filled journey of learning the Deen with me InShā'Allāh.

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Age: 23 Years
Gender: Male
My Quran courses:
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English Arabic
Fiqh: Hanbali
Sect: Salafiyyah
Home Tutoring
Dec 2019 - Present
Online Tajwīd And Recitation
Oct 2022 - Present
Online Durus Lughah Al-ʿArabiyyah
Oct 2021 - Present
Heath-Way pharmacy, Recitation, Ḥifdh And Arabiyyah
Dec 2022 - Present
Feb 2016
Tajwīd And Qur'an
Nov 2013
Jul 2020

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