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I am Noor Ahmad Haidar from Afghanistan, currently living and doing my undergraduate studies in Pakistan. I have studied hifz ul Quran at one of Islamic Madrassas in Peshawar, Pakistan, I have also studied Tajweed for two years at the same Madrassa. Besides hifz ul Quran and tajweed, I have studied basics of Arabic grammar, fiqh, and usul e hadith for two years. I have thought ilm u tajweed and its practical implications under the supervision of My Instructor at the same Madrassa where I studied. I appeared in the exams of Wifaq ul Madaris Alarbiyya, Pakistan and passed it for hifz ul Quran and Tajweed. I have been teaching online and offline for quite a while now. I would like to teach you Qura'an Recitation and IlmTajweed (the Science of Articulation). I can speak and teach in five languages (English, Arabic, Urdu, Persian and Pashto). If you are looking for a an instructor who is well versed in any of the above languages and have an interesting command on teaching, then you are in the right place.

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Age: 24 Years
Gender: Male
My Quran courses:
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Arabic English Urdu Hindi
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Jamia Usman bin Affan
Jun 2014 - Sep 2016
السند للفراغ غن القرآت والتجويد للقران الکريم
May 2014
Jan 2017

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