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Assalamualaikum I m Hafiz Muhammad Naeem Akhter Qadri, a qualified Quran teacher with many years of experience of teaching adults and children. I'll teach, Basic Qaida Book ( Arabic Alphabetic proper pronunciation, Madani Qaida). Summary of Qualifications: Proficient in teaching Quran. Exceptional knowledge of Islamic sciences. Thorough knowledge of teaching at various levels and to varied age groups. Immense ability to develop Curriculum and Personal Development. Remarkable ability to read and teach Quran. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Demonstrated the knowledge of memorizing the Quran verses. Designed coherent instruction with learning activities of the Quran. Managed to conduct and lead regular prayers as specified in the Quran. Developed unit plans in a way that is clear and allowed different learning styles. Assessed student learning congruent with instructional goals. Developed clear criteria for assessment of students.

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Age: 27 Years
Gender: Male
My Quran courses:
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Arabic Urdu English
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Ahl E Sunnat
Quran Teaching
Jul 2015 - Present
Work as a researcher in The Mark School(O level) karachi
Nov 2022 - Present
May 2013
Nov 2017
Feb 2022
Alim course
Jul 2020

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