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This is Abdullah, I have completed memorization of Quran and a course from a well-known Madarsa. I have done "Dars e nizami"(8 years of Islamic scholar course(masters in Islamic education) in well known "Jamiat us saeed " which is affiliated with "Wifaqul madaris al Arabiya Pakistan" (Board of Islamic schools and universities), and I have done "hifz e Quran" about 12 years ago. I have been giving one to one classes since 3 years in which I have taught recitation, nazra and hifz. I've been working at Jamia Ashrafi Karachi since 2021. I've completed 23rd year of my life in Islamic foundations while learning and teaching. I feel its my responsibility to teach people Quran in right way specially the non Arabian people because the wrong pronunciation can change the meaning of words. So I'll be very careful in teaching. I'll help you to improve your recitation in very short time as much as possible Insha'Allah. And also thankful to Qutor for providing us this world wide platform.

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Age: 28 Years
Gender: Male
My Quran courses:
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Urdu English Hindi
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Jamia Ashrafia Karachi Block F North Nazimabad
Jun 2020 - Jun 2023
Private as a Home Tutor
Aug 2022 - Aug 2023
Dars E Nizami Alim Course
Jul 2021
Quran (Jul 2011)
I have completed memorization of Quran.
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Karachi, Pakistan
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