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I am Muhammad Talha, a dedicated and passionate 19-year-old Quran teacher with a wealth of experience spanning four years. Holding the esteemed title of Hafiz e Quran, I possess a profound understanding of Quranic recitation that goes beyond mere words. Currently, I am diligently pursuing studies in Dars e Nizami, a testament to my commitment to enhancing my own knowledge and teaching skills. What sets me apart is not just my age, but my unwavering dedication to my students and the Quran. With each passing year, I've had the privilege of nurturing the growth of countless individuals, instilling within them the love and reverence for the Quran's teachings. Through interactive and engaging lessons, I create an inclusive learning environment that accommodates students of all ages and backgrounds. My own journey as a young teacher mirrors my philosophy that learning is a lifelong pursuit. While I'm recognized for my skilled recitation, I remain humble in acknowledging that the Quran is an endless ocean of wisdom, and there's always more to explore. My aspiration is to continue this journey, enriching lives through the profound beauty and wisdom encapsulated within the Quran's verses.

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Age: 19 Years
Gender: Male
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English Urdu Arabic
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Madarasa tul madina short time
Mar 2023 - Present
Aug 2023
Nazra Tul Quran (Dec 2016)
This is my nazra certificate
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Hifz Ul Quran (Dec 2022)
I gave the hifzulquran test last year and I will get the certificate next year then i will upload it
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Karachi, Pakistan
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8 months ago
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