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I am Quran tutor.I teach Holy Quran and I have been tutoring since Apr 2021.I am Hafiz-e-Quran,completed my hifz back in 2009 by Madarsa Jamiul Quran Usman bin Affan (karachi).I also had given a Wifaqul Madaris exam.I recite Holy Quran with Tajweed,talafuz and Makharij.I have good touting experience where I have a good reputation.If your kid is a average student in school studies Inshallah with my tutoring he or she will be completing Holy Quran in under 3.5 years. Why Should You Hire Me? 1) I learn From Best Institute in Karachi from the very best teachers. 2) Though I have a 2 year Experience my students parent are very satisfied in my tutoring. 3) I recite Holy Quran with good manner. 4) Your child will learn something new every day and in months you'll see progress. I'll teach you: 1st Year NOORANI QADIAH : 10 months, 2 months for revision. 2nd Year NAZRAH : Parah No.30 in 6 months,1 month for revision. 3rd Year Parah No. 26 to 29. 4th Year Parah No. 14 to 25. 5th Year Parah No. 1 to 13. Within Five year You will be Learning 2nd Half of Amma Parah Whole Asan Namaz in these five year as well. Islamic Basics.

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Age: 27 Years
Gender: Male
My Quran courses:
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Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Apr 2020 - Present
Apr 2014
Diploma In Commerce
Oct 2022
Shahadat Hifz ul Quran (Jun 2010)
This Ijazah is given from Madarsa Jamiul Quran Usman Bin Affan.In this I completed my hifz in 2009.
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Shahadat Hifz ul Quran (Jun 2010)
This Ijazah is given from Wifaq ul Maris for passing their exam and this is recognize all over Pakistan.
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