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About me: Assalamoalikum! MY name is Yahya Rizwan, and I am a dedicated and passionate online Quran teacher. I have been fortunate enough to memorize the entire Quran and possess a deep understanding of it's teaching and principles. My mission is to share this knowledge with others and help them connect with the divine message of Allah. Education and Qualifications: Hafiz-ul-Quran: I have successfully memorized the entire Quran with tajweed, adhering to the proper recitation rules and pronunciation. Teaching certification: I hold a certified teaching qualification specializing in online Quran education. Join me in this beautiful journey of learning and understanding the Quran. Together, we can deepen our connection with Allah and strive towards spiritual growth. If you are interested in enrolling in my online Quran classes, please feel free to contact me. jazakallah khair!

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Age: 19 Years
Gender: Male
My Quran courses:
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English Urdu Hindi
Fiqh: Sahfii
Sect: Sunni
self employed
Jan 2018 - Jul 2023
HSC Part 1
Jul 2023
Hifz-ul-Quran Certificate (Sep 2017)
Hifz-ul-Quran certificate from Wifaq-ul-madaris Faisalabad
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Recitation, Hifz

03 Aug 2023

31 Dec 2023

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Karachi, Pakistan
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