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Ms Madiha is here. I'm Qaria and Hafiza. I did tarjuma tafseer 2 year degree الثانوية الخاصة. I have won many Qira'at Competitions in which the most prominent is All Punjab Qira'at Competition 2010. On the other side I participated in several religious and social seminars and programs for Qira'at. I did M.A Islamic Studies and B-ed which is totally relevant degree to the teaching. I attended several Teacher's training workshops. I love and enjoy teaching. I train my students via teaching. I have been constantly taught at home, online and in different institutions from last 17 years. I have ijazah to teach hifz ul Qur'an. I believe To teach in a way my students can understand well and enable to correct their mistakes with their own while recitation without a help of a teacher in future. To create interest in my students in a particular subject. To give new concepts to my students. To teach my students by giving them attention and respect. To build the sense of responsibility in my students. To make my students morally strong. I used to make Qur'an teaching easy and according to the level of my students. Also I believe in happy teaching.

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Age: 33 Years
Gender: Female
My Quran courses:
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English Urdu
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Online Teaching By My Own.
Jan 2018 - Nov 2021
PAKTURK Maarif International Schools And Colleges, Khayaban E Amin Branch, Lahore
Feb 2017 - Mar 2020
Teaching Qur'an at Home & In A Local Madrasa
Jan 2004 - Dec 2018
جيد جدا in As Sanvia Al khasa الثانويه الخاصه
Nov 2009
Winner of All Punjab ( Pakistan's Province ) Qira'at Competition
Aug 2010
Titled As "The Most Humble Teacher* in Title Giving Ceremony On Teacher's Day
Oct 2019
اول انعام بین المدارس مقابلہ حسن قرات مدرسہ تحفیظ القرآن البنات، لاہور
Mar 2003
Winner in Intercollegiate Qira'at Contest
Feb 2010
Winner in Intercession Qira'at Competition
Nov 2009
Winner in Intercession Qira'at Competition
Dec 2010
Winner in Intercollegiate Qira'at Competition
Sep 2011
2nd in Intercollegiate Qira'at Competition
Mar 2011
2nd In Intercollegiate Qira'at Competition
Feb 2010
3rd In Intercollegiate Qira'at Competition
Feb 2009
President In Intercession Annual Islamic Ceremonies
Dec 2010
Participated In Qira'at In Awareness For Anti Encroachment Campaign Seminar
Mar 2011
Participated In Qira'at In Pak - China Friendship Seminar
May 2011
Participated In Qira'at In International Women's Day Programme At District Industrial Home Sanatzar
Mar 2014
Participated In Qira'at In Independence Day Function At SANATZAR
Aug 2014
Participated in Qira'at In Women Empowerment Through LRMIS
Sep 2014
Hif zul Qur'an (Sep 2005)
100/ 100 marks
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Lahore, Pakistan
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