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Alhamdulillah I'm qualified M.Phil scholar and Graduate Islamic Studies Aalim and fazil and Hafiz e Quran from an educational recognized board Wifaq Ul Madaris Pakistan. And Alhamdulillah I've a good recitation Certificate in an online recitation competition. I'd be happy to help you learn about the Quran and Other Islamic Studies and teachings! While I can't provide a traditional classroom- like experience, I can certainly assist you by answering questions and providing information related to the Quran and Islamic teachings. Feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know, and I'll do my best to assist you.

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Age: 35 Years
Gender: Male
Attempted Once & Failed: true
My Quran courses:
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Arabic English Urdu
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Jamia Falah e Darain Karachi
Mar 2014 - Oct 2018
DHA Lahore
Oct 2018 - Present
Oct 2021
Specialization In Islamic Thought
Aug 2013
Fazil Dars E NIZAMI
Apr 2011
Master Of Arts
Oct 2011
Post Graduate Diploma In Arabic
Nov 2012
2nd Online Recitation Competition
Mar 2000
Hifz E Quran E Kareem (Nov 2001)
Certificate of Hifz e Quran e Kareem from recognized board of Pakistan
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