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Assalam o Alaikum I am Qari Abdul Wadood from Pakistan. I am Quran teacher. I am teaching the Holy Quran on line since more than 8 years in different countries. as well as Im teaching Quran in different madaras in Pakistan more than 11 years. I have got certificate of hifz & tajveed from Jamia Ashrafia Pakistan. Alhamdolillah many students completed their hifz ul Quran and nazra Quran. I know how to teach the student in easy way. The priority for my self to deliver maximum knowledge and make the easy study plan for the students. I like to focus the best pronunciation.. I will help to improve the students their memorization as soon as possible. inshAllah I care my students with blend of top quality punctual education because you are most precious reward for myself when I died and buried. I have ability to teach my students rapidly related to different literacy backgrounds with conceptual and easy basis and will make learning process an interesting activity. inshAllah ....

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Age: 46 Years
Gender: Male
My Quran courses:
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English English Urdu
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Aehl E Sunna
online Quran teaching
Mar 2011 - Oct 2019
Certificate of Hifz ul quran from jamiah ashrafia
Jan 1987
certificate of tajveed from jamia ashrafia
Apr 1991
Certificate of matriculation from bise lahore
Jun 1992
Certificate of intermediate from bise lahore 1995
Jun 1995
0 Students
0 Sessions
Lahore, Pakistan
Last Online:
over 1 year ago
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