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My Name is Muhammad Saleem. I am from Pakistan. I got memorized the Holly Quran with proper tajweed in 2009 in Madrasah Tafeezul Quran Rawalpindi. I passed the exam for hifzul Quran from Wifaqula Madarisul Arabia in 2010. I got 100 marks out of 100. Since then I am teaching the holy Quran. I taught live in madrasa Bilal e habshi R.A for 3 years and after that I start teaching online in an online Islamic School and I taught there 1 year and then I joined another Online Islamic School and taught 2 years in an Online Islamic School.

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Age: 27 Years
Gender: Male
My Quran courses:
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English Hindi Urdu
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Nazra Class Live Teaching In Madrasa Bilal E Habshi R.A Chakia Malkana Mansehra
Mar 2015 - Jul 2018
Online Quran Teaching
Jan 2018 - Jan 2021
Fsc (Pre-eng)
Jun 2021
Hifz ul Quran Certificate (Aug 2009)
Hifzul Quran certificate from Madrasa Tafeezul Quran and Wifaqula Madarisul Arabia exam certificate from Wifaqula Madarisul Arabia pakistan
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