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Assalamualaikum. I'm Rehana Alam from Pakistan ,Punjab. I m Hafiz e Quran, Qaria, and M.phil education. I am native Urdu speaker but I can teach students in English as well.. I have accumulated 9 years teaching experience in teaching Quran recitation and Tajveed. I successfully taught students ( female+ Children) of various age group and back ground by adapting teaching method to suit individual learning needs. I am familiar with various on line tools and resources to enhance the learning experience including virtual white board,chat function & Audio/ video conferencing. I have genuine passion for teaching Quran recitation and Tajveed, and I am striving to instill a love for Quran in students. By utilizing my experties in on line teaching, commitment to Quranic education,and dedication to student success, I aim to contribute to the valuable mission of in spreading Quranic knowledge & helping students achieve proficiency in the recitation and Tajweed . You may contact me.

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Age: 48 Years
Gender: Female
My Quran courses:
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Hindi Urdu English
Fiqh: Hanafi
Sect: Sunni
Opf public school Multan
Nov 2014 - Present
Army public school Multan
Sep 2000 - Oct 2009
M phil Education
Sep 2019

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