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I’m a determined and ambitious Quran teacher. I’ve got certificate of Tajweed from Madrassah Talim ul Quran and few certificates from Saudi Arabia academy called Al Fajr. I also have developed a method called “easy 3” in which I’ve collected the tajweed rules into 3 points each so I’ll be teaching tajweed in that way. I not only teach Tajweed rules but also how to find them in Quran and you guessed it right. I’ve collected them in points too for student’s ease. I have almost 1 year of experience in teaching Quran with Tajweed, small duas, ahadith and how to stay motivated and fall in love with Quran. The reason I want to teach online now is because I wanna teach students who live in countries where there’s no source of learning Quran, enhance my skills more and earn more rewards. If you’re a complete beginner in recitation, it’s completely fine. We’ll be taking it slowly. We’re gonna start from baisc qaida and then move to Quran. You won’t regret learning from me.

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Age: 21 Years
Gender: Female
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Fiqh: Hanafi
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Nov 2021 - Present
Mar 2022

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