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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh , peace be upon you. My name is Ahmed, 33 years old from Egypt. - I was graduated in "AL-qiraat Institution" with "alyat El-qiraat" certificate from Alazhar Alshareef (5 Years study). - Mainly I was graduated in the faculty of science, special physics department in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree, from Suez canal university. - I have recently obtained my master's degree in Business administration from AAST. and currently working as an IT consultant and Business analyst at a manufacturing facility here in Egypt. * My English is fairly well and will face no problem teaching Non-Arabic speakers inshAllah. I memorized the entire Quran by heart and started my journey with El-qiraat early. I have read the Quran with several "sheihks" online and offline, with several rewayats. * Ijazat 1- Ijaza in warsh from Al Shatebeya way. 2- Ijaza in Ibn Katheer (Al Bazzi and Kunbul) from Al Shatebeya way. 3-Ijaza in ibn amer (Hesham and Ibn-zakwan) from Al Shatebeya way. 4-Ijaza in Assem (Hafs and Shu’ba) from Al Shatebeya way. 5- Ijaza in Elksaay (abo alhareth and aldoory) from Al Shatebeya way. **All the above from al sheikh Ahmed Atwa All fawaz May allah preserve him. 6- Ijaza in all rewayat (the twenty) from Al Shatebeya way from surat "alfatiha" till surat "Hood" from Dr. Ali Tawfeek Elnahas. 7- Ijaza in "aljazarya" and "tohfat altfal" in tajweed from Dr. Ali Tawfeek Elnahas. I have an excellent knowledge of Tajweed Rules and have taught several students over the years, helped them to perfect their way of reading/reciting Quran.

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Age: 33 Years
Gender: Male
I can teach:
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Arabic English
Fiqh: Sahfii
Sect: Sunni

Employment History:

IT consultant, Business Analyst Specialist
Jul 2009 - Present


Ijazat Altajweed From AL-qiraat Institution - Alazhar alshareef
May 2006
alyat El-qiraat From AL-qiraat Institution - Alazhar alshareef
May 2010
Bachelor's degree in physics From Suez Canal University
May 2008
Master of Business Administration From AAST
Sep 2019

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Tajweed, Recitation

14 Feb 2020

29 Feb 2020

Nice teacher

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