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Asalamo Alikum Wa Rehmato Allahi Wa Barawato. Hello everyone and welcome to Qutor. My name is Mohamed Adam and It is my privilege and honor to be taking you through your journey of learning Quran and mastering Arabic in a best way possible. I am Somalian, born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Ever since I graduated from high-school, I have been passionate about teaching Quran and Arabic to different students around the world. I had the privilege to get an offer offered of being Imam at the Mosque where I used to teach Quran and Arabic in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After college, I had the opportunity to travel the world including Egypt and Switzerland where I had different jobs working as a corporate trainer, teaching English as a Foreign Language as well as teaching Quran and Arabic to International students. I believe with hard work, passion and commitment will always pay off and that is the motto I like to teach my students and liaise with them towards their goals. Please do not hesitate to contact either by messaging me via Qutor or emailing me at

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Arabic English German
Fiqh: Hanbali
Sect: Sunni
Free-lance Quran and Arabic teach via Skype
Mar 2007 - Present
professional Quran and Arabic teacher
Jul 2005
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Recitation, Arabic, Tajweed

02 Sep 2020

18 Oct 2020

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