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I am a former IT professional who found her passion in learning and teaching Qur'an to adults. Thus I understand the struggles of adults who are trying to unlearn their years of mistakes in reading the Qur'an and replacing it with Tajweed. My teaching aims not only to teach correct recitation but for the student to also develop a good relationship with the Qur'an. In teaching Tajweed, I am particular about the student learning the theory aspect along with application and will frequently test the student on her knowledge. Please note that my primary student demographic is women. I do not teach men. Due to my emphasis on theory, children will not be accepted as students except in special cases. This is not for discrimination but rather due to my personal ambition of spreading knowledge of the ahkam amongst women.

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Gender: Female
My Quran courses:
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Fiqh: Sahfii
Sect: Sunni
Believuh Group (Online)
Jan 2014 - Present
Understand Quran Academy (Online)
May 2014 - Present
Multinational IT firms (2005-2012)
Nov 2005 - Aug 2012
Various online Islamic organisations
Jan 2010 - Present
Ijazah in Hafs an Asem
Sep 2016
Beautiful Tajweed
May 2013
Ahkam of Tajweed
Dec 2016
Cordoba Academy
Dec 2016
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09 Jul 2018

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Recitation, Tajweed

30 May 2016

29 Jul 2016


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