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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullai Wabarakathuhu ! My name is Zakia Ahmed from Sri Lanka . I am a free lance teacher for Quran , Thajweedh and Arabic for non-native speakers ( Women , teenagers and children above 7 ) . I have completed Al Aalimiyyah course at Madrassa Muenul Islam , Johannesburg , South Africa . I have completed my hifdh Sheikh Hafidh Ibnul Arabi ( Pakistan ) . I have experience of teaching Quran and thajweedh online and in-person, for little children as well as teenagers for almost four years . I have taught over 30 students locally and internationally Alhamdulillah . You can be a complete beginner and I will assist you to progress , learn with accuracy and gain confidence and fluency in the recitation of the Quran Inshallah ! I will assist and support you through tailor- made programs and schedules that best suits you . Together with a little bit of cooperation and dedication from your side and we can achieve the respective goal Inshallah. Looking forward to having you in my class :)

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Age: 26 Years
Gender: Female
My Quran courses:
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English Urdu Arabic Hindi Malay
Fiqh: Sahfii
Sect: Sunni
Self .
Jun 2018 - Dec 2020
Dec 2017
Al Aalimiyyah (Dec 2017)
Aalimiyyah course completed at Madressa Muenul Islam Johannesburg South Africa ( 2012-2017)
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14 Apr 2022

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